Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Big Birthday Dinner

Well Bee and I had a big night, it was time for a very special dinner. Thats right, Corbin Bersens 50th birthday was Tuesday and the two of us did it up right. I searched Sietsamas dining guide for just the right place, but nothing was clicking. So I decided to give my old stand by a call, and sure enough they told me that they had room for two at seven. We put on our Sunday Best, she was wearing the clothes she just bought at Old Navy and was lookin' good. I was wearing We called a cab and headed towards our destination.

From the moment we approached the restaurant things just started falling into place. When I reached to open the door, a gentleman on his way out took care of it for me. The dining room was only half full, it was a little unusual seeing this restaurant not packed to the gills. I think Bee noticed this as well, she gave me a little wink, I think it was because she knew that things were going to go smoothly. She asked if I would have a seat at the table and that she would be right back. Not one to argue with women(chuckle,chuckle),I grabbed a seat. It was a nice feeling, taking in the ambience being young and sophisticated, and eating well. This went on for a few moments until I realized that Bee still hadnt returned. I peeked around the dining room and saw her walking towards the table with a big smirk on her face.

It turns out she had already taken care of all the legwork for us and placed our order. Low and Behold in front of me sat the most beautiful chicken fajita burrito I had ever laid eyes on. The tortilla was just warm enough and a little crisp around the corners, folded with care to protect the treasure that waited inside. From the looks of it, Bee had ordered the Barbacoa, always a favorite of mine. You could tell by presentation that chef was manning the stoves that evening. As I cut into my CF (I heard thats what the chef likes to call it), the cornucopia of colors and flavors spilled into my basket. The composisition: cold sour cream vs. hot chicken, soft peppers stacked against crunchy corn, magic. I tried a little nibble of Bees BB(Barbocoa) and it was the shredded pork was wistfully dancing across my palette. I must say Kudos to Lupe, she makes one mean pork butt (sorry Derek). As we finished our entrees, we marveled at the chefs ability to satisfy his guests hunger.

I do have one criticism(what a online review be without them? LOL), the service was spotty, almost non-existent. More than once did I have to sneak up and get a new drink for myself, and I also had to clear the table. Nonetheless, I felt it was necessary to leave a 15% tip, because we noticed the person who served us looked a little like the actor Chris Burke . This led to Bee giggling every time he walked by(Very mature Bee).

All in all our experience was marvelous and we will return many, many times.

BTW: Happy Birthday Corbin